Real estate agency with Home Staging in Barcelona

Revalue your home for a better sale, at no cost to you.

A home is always sold to fulfill a need. Therefore, getting the best price should be the goal.

Properties are often unattractive, this fact affects both the time of sale and the amount the property will receive.

A home transformed with Home Staging stands out from the rest.

Improving aesthetics is enhancing your sales quality.

Do it at 0 cost for you*

* Condition associated with the FACT that Si Real Estate sells the property.

What is Home Staging?

Home Staging is the "haste makes waste" of real estate selling.
Spending time preparing the product results in shortening the sales period and obtaining the best price.


Withdrawal of everything that does not help in the commercialization of the house.


With the criteria of neutrality, clean up, paint, decorate, furnish the house in a pleasant way, improving the spaces.


Professional photographic report of the highest quality.

360º video.


Maximum possible diffusion in the main media.

Successful marketing in a short amount of time.

Unlike most, our decoration remains in the home throughout the entire sales process.
Not only for the photographic report.

Succesful projects

Discover the real potential of your property. These are some of our Home Staging jobs.

When the house is in a precarious state, our action is more intense, until we achieve a transformation of it.

Sometimes sanitizing, small touches and decorating can be enough.

When the home is in good condition, everything is left to the interior design to provide warmth.

Home Staging's effectiveness

A picture tells more than 1,000 words. We let you see for yourself the advantages of having a revalued and attractive apartment.

Contact Si Real Estate and we will revalue your home at NO cost

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