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One of the campaigns that most caught my attention is its moment was one that its slogan said something like “people at the service of people”. It was from a bank, and I thought: this could be applied to a real estate agency

Si” is made up of young people and others not so old. Emphasizing this makes sense because we are living in a moment of history where the usual is not good by default. Only what is new, digital, remote, in the cloud, and imported is what provides success. We do not see it that way and we are convinced that the extremes are not good for the real estate service or for almost anything.

Si real estate have real estate experts developing their profession since 1995 with the wisdom and experience of having mediated in thousands of operations, as well as young talents of today.

If you spend a few minutes to get to know us, you will see that we incorporate all the technology that truly adds value to the sector and therefore results in a better service. We have not yet seen anything that replaces human touch, and people providing care and profesionalism. We sit down with a client, talk and empathize with each other.

We are the mix between what should not be lost
and the evolution of value.

Our services

In the ​​services page you can discover in a detailed and simple way what a full real estate service is. Offering each of our clients what they hope to obtain is the end of our activity. The mission, carry it out with quality.

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What do they say about us?

Our policy is to leave our clients fully satisfied, offering excellence in our service.

I want to thank the entire team for the interest, attention and dedication they gave to the sale of my apartment, with advice on an issue as important as a real price of market, not with a low price to be able to sell before and collect your commission, nor with a inflated price to attract you and sign the property sale management, and then you have to lower the price because it is not sold, frequent cases these last 2 in some agencies. I have to admit that it takes me longer to find an agency to transmit security and professionalism to me, that Reale State in selling the apartment. Special mention to Home staging, if you want to know more, ask the agency.
by Raúl Tos
Human touch, professionalism, sincerity, they have accompanied us throughout the property purchase process, they have given a response for us and for the operation to go well ... You can trust Si Real Estate. They make easy one of the most important decisions of your life.
by Benja Amorín
I just sold my apartment and 100% professionals. I definitely recommend them. Many thanks to the whole team in general but especially to Vanesa Veizaga Xavier, Laura, Blanca and Javier Rodriguez.
by Olga López
I will just sell our pis with the help of this API and they have helped a lot because it was an apartment with complicated characteristics. Totally confident with Xavier and Javier, great professionals and with a large experience. They have advised us at full disponibility and assuring us in every aspect of the process.
by Santi Poch
Thank you very much for your attention and patience. We are very grateful for your service. Our sale was not easy and you have achieved it. Thank you very much!
by Joana Caeres Martínez

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