September 2021

Selling a home safely

People can become owners of a property for so many reasons. It can be by inheritance, by sale or by dissolution of the condominium. Although there are also other less common possibilities. And it is possible that the new owners do not master 100% of the issues that must be controlled documentary to make a sale without surprises, adjusted to the legality and satisfactory. Selling a home safely is like...

Normativa actual per llogar

Current regulations for renting today

Are you up to date with the regulations to rent a home today? Read this and make no mistake!  The current LAU establishes as "tense rental areas" some towns (Barcelona among them). In these areas, the monthly rent of the rental housing is established by means of an index. Therefore, if you want to rent a habitual residence, and it is located in a town that the local Government sees as a tense rental...

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