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Viure a Sant Andreu del Palomar

Living in Sant Andreu del Palomar

The town of Sant Andreu will originate from the farmhouses built on the voltant of Sant Andreu del Palomar. An iconic, recently restored vintage church. Currently a neighbourhood, Sant Andreu feels like a town. Benefited by the good connections to the center of Barcelona, irs core has a great vitality. A town that has transformed its industrial heritage into services and equipment. Sant Andreu has many...

Cambio de vivienda

Change of residence. Sell or buy? What should i do first?

Changing house for new needs is a common step that people take throughout our lives. A large part of the real estate operations that we carry out suppose that an owner sells his home to obtain a new one that provides him with greater well-being. And that's when they always ask me the same question: What should I do first, sell or buy? The answer is clear: You should have a buyer of your home first....

Normativa actual per llogar

Current regulations for renting today

Are you up to date with the regulations to rent a home today? Read this and make no mistake!  The current LAU establishes as "tense rental areas" some towns (Barcelona among them). In these areas, the monthly rent of the rental housing is established by means of an index. Therefore, if you want to rent a habitual residence, and it is located in a town that the local Government sees as a tense rental...

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