Change of residence. Sell or buy? What should i do first?

Cambio de vivienda

Changing house for new needs is a common step that people take throughout our lives.

A large part of the real estate operations that we carry out suppose that an owner sells his home to obtain a new one that provides him with greater well-being.

And that’s when they always ask me the same question: What should I do first, sell or buy?

The answer is clear:

You should have a buyer of your home first. Keep in mind reserving time enough to allow you to find your new home in the agreement.

The exception would be if we’re buying a recent or current construction house, since in 95% of cases the operation implies a reservation. Once there, we have to determine the sales strategy based on when it will be delivered to us.

We explain why have a buyer before buying

Decision: We need to be certain that the home in which we live has already fulfilled its function and that for whatever reasons it is no longer adequate to face the coming times.

Peace of mind: Although buying and selling must go in parallel, I guarantee that you are going to sleep thighter having the apartment sold. Having the buyer’s deposit and substantial time to search . That is much more appropriate than the risk of not finding a buyer, or not getting the price we need based on what we have bought. If we buy without selling, that deadline will be like a sword of Damocles over our heads.

Cambio de vivienda


The next thing that we must be clear about is that what we need to find actually exists in the areas that we like. And operate in the price range that we can satisfy.

For this we must know the market and perceive the options for which we will opt, when we have a firm buyer and in a reasonable period of time. Seeing houses without a buyer can be frustrating because we will not always dare to reserve it without having anything secure about our home.



In this process of life the intervention and skill of an API is priceless and lies in obtaining the appropriate price for your home, detecting who is the most suitable buyer for your sales profile and closing a deposit contract that provides you with financial solvency for your purchase and time frame for your search.

With the existence of a buyer already sure, your experience to find what will be your new home will  speed  up. You, your family, your environment, the APIS that help you, everything is aligned and in half the time you have agreed on the earnest money for your sale, you have already made a purchase decision. It’s that easy.

If not?

If you do it the other way around, it can also work out, but you should be able to take some risks like:

  • That the sale of your apartment could get stuck for not having done the calculations well, or for thinking that you would get a higher price than what you finally get
  • For finding a buyer who does not wait the time you need, or who does not have financial certainty and you can burn the time you have to pay for your purchase.
  • If there is no buyer, you will have to make it work financially. 

Si Real Estate are skilled proffessionals in the change of house process. Certainly at some point you will see yourself reflected in the scenarios that this article raises and you will appreciate that they provide you with the control, knowledge, domain and support that SI Real Estate provides you We are here to help you and give you solutions in this wonderful process. An exciting process but, if we don’t focus it well, it can turn into a nightmare.

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