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Por qué vender a través de una inmobiliaria? Vendre mitjaçant una immobiliària


A professional real estate agent like Si Real Estate will ensure that the real estate operation runs smoothly and in the most beneficial way.

87% of the homes we have managed have been sold

The comprehensive process of buying and selling a home consists of a series of steps that must be mastered. We make sure that the properties are sold as soon as possible, for the best market price and with maximum agility.

98% of the apartments for which we have managed the rental have been rented.

Also in the rental of real estate, it is important to find the ideal tenant. To avoid future problems, at Si Real Estate we evaluate the requests and offer the tenant the best solution. For this reason, we can add to this percentage that in our rental operations, we have a 0% delinquency rate.

56% of properties for sale are not advertised.

Thanks to the exquisite care of our customer base, we achieve the best sale in the shortest time.

Only 37 days on average between the first visit and the deposit contract

Thanks to our client base, our professional photographic reports and our diffusion. At Si Real Estate it takes us just over a month to sell a flat.

We offer a 100% free Home Staging service.

With slight actions in the property we manage to highlight its possibilities and thus reflect its real market value.

We have applied Home Staging in 63% of our properties.

In 63% of our sales we have prepared the home to achieve a more pleasant visit.

In 73% of our sales we have achieved the target value avoiding counteroffers

By showing the true possibilities of a property we manage to obtain its market value and avoid counteroffers.

Facts and not words

A real estate operation carried out by professionals will give much better results and much less headaches. It is important to know the market at the most local level and have the intuition and professionalism to market the property in the best possible way.

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