AVE la Sagrera

Estacion AVE la Sagrera

Sant Andreu neighbours spent decades seeing the monumental works on the great railway barrier that breaks Barcelona.

However: The result of this great work, one of the most important investments ever made in the entire state, will mean an enormous economic boost for the neighborhoods adjacent to the tracks.

Apart from the great station of La Sagrera, many facilities are going to be inaugurated:

  • cultural
  • sports
  • leisure
  • commercial

that will unite the neighborhoods by eliminating this great historical barrier.

You have to take into account that:

La Sagrera station is, only after the Sagrada Familia, the building with the longest gestation and construction in Barcelona.

Sew the railway “wound” with one of the largest urban parks in Europe

Barcelona has been divided for decades by the huge box of roads that runs from Bac de Roda to the municipal limit located in the Trinitat Vella.

This huge concrete box divides Barcelona. Separating the neighbourhoods of Sant Martí, La Verneda and Bon Pastor from Sant Andreu and La Sagrera.

The large macro-project is going to bury this box of tracks, creating an urban park almost 4km long.

The resulting promenade will be a huge garden terrace that will have many points of interest and facilities. Recreation areas, hotels, services and of course:

La Sagrera AVE high-speed station.

The second most important point of this great work is the inauguration of the AVE la Sagrera high-speed station. This station will liberalize Spanish high speed, connecting it with Europe.

La Sagrera will be the main railway entry point to the city. With complete certainty, the services that are going to be created around the station are going to suppose a socio-economic injection to the neighborhood of La Sagrera and Sant Andreu.

The real estate impact

In the first section, next to the Bac de Roda bridge (Designed by Calatrava), an extension of the 22@ will be created.

Large office buildings. Obviously, with all the land “gained” from the tracks, at the height of La Sagrera and Sant Andreu, new developments of new construction, hotels and commercial buildings are going to be built. In the case of Sant Andreu, whose main attraction is its village character, it will benefit from the creation of a new and prosperous expansion. Actions that will further enhance the value of the old town. The charm of living in a quiet environment, in a fabric made up of warm squares, low-rise houses and a great neighborhood atmosphere is something that can only grow.

Without a doubt, the great Sagrera project is going to put Sant Andreu on the map as one of the best places to live in Barcelona and Europe.

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