How to value an apartment from an expert point of view

Years of experience in the industry have positioned us as experts in valuing properties that our clients entrust us with for sale.

How we do it?

1.- Knowing the real estate market

Our activity requires a constant learning of the real estate market. It is not a matter of being aware of a simple fluctuation in prices, but of taking into account the projection of each area, its possible revaluation, economic activity and the specific quality of life of each neighborhood.

2.- Knowing the law

Both current and future laws and laws that are pending ratification. All of them require an early reaction. When valuing the property, we will take into account whether or not the law is in favor of the interests of the owner, taking into account the possible changes that may be seen in the future.

3.- Knowing the product

A property is a complex product, so its valuation is not arbitrary. The number of factors to consider when valuing a property is certainly impressive. The surface, the state of conservation, quality of construction, quality of the materials, quality of the property, floor, benefits of the property, community elements, distribution, exteriority, interior conservation, orientation, balcony or terrace.

4.- Taking the most of the product

It’s not just a matter of doing a quality photo report and a 360º virtual tour so that potential buyers can get an idea of ​​the property’s features from home.

Sometimes this is not enough, and we need to visually extract as much juice as possible from the property we are selling.

That’s why we apply Home Staging.

We’ve talked about it many times before, but Home Staging could be defined as: “a number of actions, props and small renovations that are applied to a property in order to highlight its real possibilities” It is not a magic trick, it is about showing the real possibilities of a property.

And best of all, it is a process that has no cost to the seller.


5.- Searching the best buyer

Once the property is valued, it is necessary to properly select who will be the best client. Since this must be the one that, depending on the benefits provided by the home, satisfies 100% of the price of the same.

If the selection is incorrect we would be wasting time and inappropriate offers.

A good job in the valuation of a property has a direct impact on other value propositions that Si Real Estate are really proud of. To reduce the time of sale of real estate.

But we’ll talk about that.

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