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Servicios inmobiliarios Sant Andreu

In these fleeting times with so much access to any information, sometimes we tend to think that we can inform ourselves and solve any situation by ourselves.

It is wonderful to have so much information at hand and self-learning being a rising value. But on certain occasions it also entails certain dangers.

There are certain actions that must be executed, supervised or advised by a professional in the field, or the results can be dire.

One of the most important moments in life (because of the economic and vital impact that it entails) is the purchase and sale of a property

If you agree with this last statement, you will also agree that Having a good real estate service during this process is a smart strategy.

  • An operation that goes off the rails can be a huge grievance of wasted time and money.
  • A bad sale will always weigh on our consciences as a bad decision with unintended consequences.

Real Estate Sant Andreu

The difference between
selling and
selling properly

1.- Knowledge of the market

Our life is the real estate market, from first thing in the morning we are in contact with customers, buyers, sellers, advisers, economists…

The state of the market at the neighborhood level is something that we keep very much in mind when planning a sales strategy.

The fact of having participated in hundreds of real estate transactions and having sold 87% of the homes we have managed, endorses us.

Servicios Inmobiliarios Sant Andreu

2.- Customer base

We take care of our customer base. For this reason, many times the property does not arrive to be offered to the public, achieving an agile, fast and profitable sale for the 2 parts. We get it 56% of the time!

3.- Home Staging

We are pioneers in implementing this technique in Sant Andreu. We invite you to visit our URL Home Staging so you can see the advantages that Home Staging entails.

We have our own service, so the cost for the seller is 0.

4.- Premium diffusion

At Si Real Estate we use all existing channels to advertise a property in sale. You will find our properties in the traditional media (shop windows, advertisements and the web).

But also on social networks, being offered in specific Newsletters for clients interested in acquiring real estate and especially in the top positions of the main buying and selling portals.

5.- Documentary control

It is important to review all documentation. An oversight can mean that the sale falls and that it generates losses on both parties. In addition to the time factor and the discouraging experience. In addition, we also deal with certificates of habitability, certificates or energy certificates necessary so that your home can go on the market with the maximum guarantees of sale.

We want you to enjoy the experience, which is why we offer excellence in documentary control.

6.- Full time advising

And so that you feel supported at all times, Si Real Estate accompanies you until the deed so that everything goes perfectly.

¿Do you want to sell your house?

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Keep in mind that this valuation, in addition to being indicative, does not take into account the current state of your property.
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