Home Staging Sant Andreu Barcelona

Home Staging Sant Andreu Barcelona

How to sell your house properly? Do you know Home Staging?

Home Staging Sant Andreu Barcelona

At Si Real Estate we have been pioneers in Home Staging in Sant Andreu. We took advantage of this trend when it emerged a few years ago, immediately integrating it into the process of marketing the properties we manage.

In addition, for maximum benefit of our clients, the Home Staging service is 100% of our own.

We have managed to successfully market dozens of properties and we have differentiated ourselves from many agencies, many of which are limited to posting photos of the property, without minimally preparing its marketing and just waiting.

What is Home Staging?

The preparation of the house consists of carrying out some actions for the property to shine with all its potential, generating a more pleasant visit experience and a good first impression.

In addition, Home Staging gives decorative clues on how to make the most of spaces and accentuate their true potential.

Home Staging Sant Andreu BarcelonaHome Staging Sant Andreu Barcelona

Why Home Staging

When we are going to market a home we have 2 options.

  1. A first option would be to make a photographic report of the property in its current state, estimate the appropriate market price, market it and wait. Possibly we are going to receive lower offers and finally the flat is going to be sold in a longer time and by 5% or 10% lower at least
  2. The second option is to create a Home Staging project and implement it in the home, carry out a careful photographic report and estimate the market price. In this way the apartment has been sold for its target price.

In short, Home Staging is an action that helps us achieve the target price and prevent the sale time of the apartment from being extended or stagnant.

Home Staging numbers

Price variation:

51% of homes have not needed to lower the price.

According to the time in the market:

75% of homes took less than 90 days to sell. In addition, 55% took less than 40 days.

Regarding the statistics of Home Staging in other countries, which have been using this technique for more years, we can highlight:

Impact to clients when seeing a house with Home Staging:

81% consider it easier to visualize the property as their home.

46% were more interested in visiting the house after seeing the photos in the ad.

45% believe that Home Staging gives a positive value to the home by seeing it furnished to the customer’s taste. 

Home staging makes the difference

In Si Reale we go hand in hand with the times. And we do not let an operation with potential end up being less for “not doing”.

It should not even be seen as an investment. In an apartment that is not in very good condition or ready to move into, the fact of NOT applying Home Staging means starting the selling process in disadvantage.

Find out! Know the starting price of your property AT THE MOMENT with our valuator.

Contact us and we will make a valuation of the market price of your property.

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