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Vendre pis al Carmel

Owning real estate in the Carmel neighborhood can be a great opportunity. Not everyone is made by the noise and pollution of the center of Barcelona.

In recent years, due to various factors such as the massive tourism in Barcelona and the influx of visitors from the maritime neighborhoods due to cruises, the option to live in the city, but in a quieter way, more. isolated and doing it from the heights is something that many people look for.

Is Carmel a good neighborhood to live in?

That recent history has defined Carmel as a neighborhood with a certain marginal component does not connect with the reality of recent years.

Carmel has its own character. It is a neighborhood of plain people, mostly from all over the peninsula to work. So it’s a self-made neighborhood. Popular, simple, but it has struggled to avoid degrading itself and has managed to get rid of the misery that other neighborhoods have not been able to overcome.

El Carmel is a neighborhood with all the municipal services, schools, institutes, libraries, health centers … Commerce, supermarkets and an excellent connection both with the city and with its entrance and exit.

The fact that it is not “comfortable” to access due to its large slopes gives it its own character, a bubble at the height placid by those who live there.

Vender piso en el Carmel

The parks and the views

Probably the biggest attraction of a home in Carmel is these two factors. An endless network of paths through the forest make up a huge area of ​​green area where you can walk, do outdoor activities or do sports.

Although the main park would be the Carmel Park itself, including the Juan Ponce Gardens, the park itself is directly connected to the spectacular Parc Güell, which offers magnificent views and walking areas at the top. the architectural monument and the tourist massification is in the lower part of the hill, next to the Guinardó and Vallcarca.

Also, almost integrated into the urban fabric we find the park of La Creueta i el Coll and, on the other hand, the huge Parc del Guinardó, which consists of a labyrinth of paths through the forest, and offer the Búnquers del Carmel in the its highest elevation, thus offering a 360 ° panorama of the city.

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