El Carmel, Barcelona

El Carmel Barcelona

The city of Barcelona extends far beyond the tourist spots, and precisely when it comes to living there, it has much more desirable corners to live in than the hustle and bustle of the center. The particular orography of the city, caused that the city widened and climbed by hills. This is the origin of the Carmel neighborhood.

A little bit of history

The first buildings were built in the last quarter of the 19th century, and were summer houses. Second homes of wealthy families in the city, where they could have land to cultivate and small orchards. A set of second homes for Barcelona families.

The Spanish Civil War was over when it became a neighborhood, hosting many informal constructions of immigrants who had just arrived in Barcelona. The shantytown became self-constructed and during the 60’s and 70’s the first developments of regulated flats were built and the urban fabric was tidied up, turning it into a neighborhood with all the services and benefits.

Despite its steep slopes and winding streets, its proximity to nature and proximity to the city’s urban fabric made Carmel a very popular neighborhood. With great views and tranquility.

Views and green zones

The main virtue and distinctive feature of the Carmel neighborhood is the fact that it is built between hills.

This provides privileged 360º views over the city. Both on the slope of Font d’en Fargues i Horta and the sea slope that falls in Vallcarca, Guinardó and Parc Güell. The Carmel neighborhood is bordered by 3 hills. The Carmel hill, the Creueta del Coll hill and the Rovira hill.

This forms a large green and leafy park, an endless network of paths through the forest where you can walk, run or ride a bike.

Connections and services

The Carmel district is well connected thanks to the Carmel metro station of the same name (L5).

As a result of its connection with the city, the Carmel neighborhood was immersed in a major remodeling and restructuring plan to end any memory of marginality.

The neighborhood received the necessary facilities for its prosperity, it was updated and modernized creating a knock-on effect for many Barcelonans.

Carmel is now a popular and attractive neighborhood with all the possibilities. What for a time was an unattractive neighborhood, due to its orography and isolation, in the Barcelona of the future, El Carmel takes advantage of its own idiosyncrasy, offering a lifestyle where you can observe the city from the break them high and surrounded by nature.

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