4 Keys for selling a property


Apart from the parameters established in the market, a flat is an extremely complex product. Aspects such as the orientation, the thermal behavior of the house (apart from the energy certificate), the light, the acoustics, the distribution of the spaces, the height and obviously the location and the state of conservation of the floor and of the estate will always be decisive.

If we show an apartment with small visible deficiencies, lack of lighting and old and neglected furniture the price of the flat plummets by most potential buyers, it is automatic.

They will not be able to get an idea of ​​the true possibilities of the flat, it will not go through the eyes and it will automatically be placed in the queue of the list of flats that the buyer is seeing.

If the apartment is in good condition but we show it completely empty, the result will not be so dramatic, but we will also be burying the true possibilities of the apartment and it will look smaller.

When we apply Home Staging to a flat and teach it, either in person, with quality photo reporting or a 360º virtual tour, things change. Enough.

It is from this point that we value a flat. Many times for a value that exceeds the expectations of the seller, as our team of experts accentuates the possibilities of the apartment making it a much more attractive, bright, cozy property


Has a tree fallen if no one has seen it fall? Exposure is vital.

Through online and offline campaigns, and ensuring our presence on the most visited platforms.

The apartment will have the maximum exposure. And we will try to get everyone to look away. On the other hand, we get the buyer to create a careful idea of ​​the flat before visiting it, through a quality photo report and a 360º virtual tour In this way we manage to serve with the utmost professionalism to clients who already have a fairly mature interest in the property.

Visibility is a priority when it comes to marketing your home successfully.

Sale time

The combination of the actions of the home staging with the exposure of the apartment gives us an exceptional selling time. Shorter sales time means big profits. Hurry up or not.

Reducing selling time is not about running or selling at any price. It is about being efficient and positioning your bids as high as possible so that they can be seen. That’s how we get it.

Peace of mind

Once all this is done, the icing on the cake will be the level of sales people who manage the sales process.

Your ability to find the right client for the home is crucial. A team of professionals with a complete mastery of each of the aspects involved in buying and selling flats is a guarantee that nothing will fall apart. Not counting it will give you a lot of uncertainties, negative surprises, doubts and certainly easily avoidable legal consequences.

Squeeze the maximum out of your flat and do it with the best peace of mind.

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