The real estate selling process

Com vendre un pis

The commercial masterpiece of the real estate world is selling your flat in the shortest possible time, with the maximum market value and with the minimum headaches or incidents.

Let's start: Do you really want to sell?

The property you want to sell may have been your home for years. So you need to be clear that you have resolved any doubts and emotional conflicts that, if mismanaged, can cause you to crook a profitable operation.

The commitment must be clear.

Once we are clear, we need to work on the 3 main points:

  • 1. Prepare your apartment for sale.
  • 2. Put a correct market starting price.
  • 3. Execute a good marketing plan.

1. Prepare your apartment for sale.

A good image must be shown in the business world. A property that shows its best version also speaks of the seriousness of the seller.

We therefore recommend that the home is always available to show to an interested buyer. Clean, tidy and with its best visible face.

Com vendre un pis


Any bad smell should be avoided, as it is the first thing the buyer perceives. We will try to keep the smell neutral and no overly obvious air freshener will mask the smell of the apartment.

Home Staging

If the property is old and in need of refurbishment, it is essential to apply Home Staging.

With a small intervention based on cleaning, decoration, strategic painting, lighting and props, we will get a home that is closer in terms of appearance to a renovated or brand new property.

Furniture or props

Visually we will magnify its usable area. This way we will avoid lower bids and get a better price.

Remove personal items

It is necessary to depersonalize the home. Removing personal items and all family photographs from view.

Small repairs

The small details make the difference. A small amount of moisture, scratched furniture or carpentry, windows or shutters that do not work properly can reduce the value or perception of the value of the floor. It is very important to repair small defects.

Bathroom and kitchen

Special attention should be paid to bathrooms and kitchens. If they are in good condition we must show them clean, so that the customer sees that it does not require an investment necessary to move in.

Provide quietness during the visit.

One of the biggest worries when buying a home is noise. Also a quiet environment allows the customer to concentrate and make a decision. Therefore, we must seek silence and provide the time necessary for the visit to be satisfactory

Com vendre un pis

2. Starting price

Un preu equivocat atreu al comprador equivocat.

Si posem un preu d’inici per sobre del preu de mercat obtindrem una serie d’efectes adversos:

  1. Menys clients interessats.
  2. Temps de venda més alt
  3.  Els compradors potencials s’atreuen les primeres setmanes. Si el preu es equivocat els potencials clients ja estaran buscant altres opcions.
  4. La competència vendrà la seva propietat abans, satisfent així la nostra porció de demanda.
  5.  La propietat passarà del temps idoni al mercat i resultarà poc atractiva. En quant a immobles, els que porten molt de temps al mercat es devaluen ja que se suposa que tenen un defecte ocult.
  6.  La propietat tindrà problemes amb la taxació del banc.

Per tant, quan es tracta d’un immoble, no es tan fàcil com valorar a l’alça tot pensant que sempre s’està a temps de baixar.

3. Marketing plan

Finally, we need to consider the marketing plan.

As a headline we can highlight that:

It is not enough to hang a sign and post the property on the main real estate websites.

The result of this type of marketing is that which the owner himself would obtain by selling it on his own account or that of an unprofessional real estate agent.

To design our marketing strategy we ask ourselves the following questions:

  • What is the best customer profile to acquire my property?
  • How to get the right audience attention?
  • What should I do to avoid missing out on the best opportunities?
  • What is the estimated time to sell my apartment properly?

These are very simple questions, but the implementation of their answers is not so obvious. Therefore, experience and professionalism are still real values.

At Si Real Estate we offer advice, management, consulting and a business strategy according to the property you want to sell.

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